Monday, May 16, 2011

Snippet of the Day.

Carpe diem; Seize the day.

The nice thing about time is that it is fluid. One moment can never be recovered or reversed, but the next moment is at one's disposal to conduct it however one may; for better or worse. Why focus on what has already past and cannot be changed or controlled? Instead, plunge foward looking toward the future, while enjoying every moment of the present and set achievable goals along the way to produce increasing satisfaction generating an exponential growth of determination, confidence and effectiveness.

My goals for the summer:
-teach myself O. chem from the text book that just came today (yay! :]) so that I am better prepared and have to study less during the fall semester (which is going to be a monster with my courses..physics, 2-300 level bio electives, and o. chem hahaha)
-organize and clean my living area ("a clean desk is an organized mind")
-blog about a designer a day and the Fall 2011 lineup
-Read a half hour a day (non-fiction)
-prep for cell and developmental bio (class coming up in a couple of weeks)


Sunday, May 15, 2011


Homemade vanilla on vanilla cake was delish!
Can't help the sinking feeling of the knowledge that I am one year older and feel as if I am running in slow motion.
?Porque debemos celebrar el cumpleanos? no se


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Moral Compass.

Today was "one of those days".
I awoke with surprising clarity and alertness at the early hour of six thirty and later brewed up some cafe estima and french roast blend of starbucks and sipped that on the back screened in porch as the morning mist settled around me and the birds went about their business chirping cheerfully despite the morning dull gloom. Yet it wasn't really all that gloomy..more serene and peaceful.
Later I worked with some kids..nice enough, but I'll never be really close with any of them and today I have come to a conclusion as to why; our moral compasses point different directions. They have all "initiated"..aka they have "stolen" by eating company food on company property and company time, and I have deemed such an action highly inappropriate and idiotic at best. A part of me would love to be able to relate to them, but the greater part of me steps back and realizes that it is far better to be different and to take a stand for what is right. To lower my standard for some ill-gotten gain of temporarily slight increased social status would not be worth it and would not be true to myself. Also Galations 2:20 "I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The live I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God ..." aka I have a different standard to live by...Christ is my Lord and Savior and the Holy Spirit is working in my life sanctifying me molding me to Christ's Holiness.

It is better to stand alone for what is right than to defy your natural inclination for what you know to be wrong in order to appease the populous.


Beyond Expectations.

Heart pounding. Mouth Dry. Hands shaking. Dread building.
Of all semesters, I had never been less confident in the potential outcome of my grade. Chemistry hadn't transferred, so if I didn't pass, then I wouldn't progress. This I believed not to be a problem until Dr. R took me aside for what I thought to be a congratulatory talk, but what ended up being a "is this REALLY what you got for your overall lab grade?" kind of talk. Needless to say I have surpassed all apathy and laziness I have ever witnessed in others and accomplished that which I despised for myself. Some chem lab assignments, and bio lab assignments for that matter, I was "too tired" and simply decided not to do them. How silly, right? So chem lab, and eco/evo lab (and eco/evo lecture..first two tests were a bust), were 'epic fail'.
Back to the present.
My computer finally opened up to the home screen and I opened up the screen to my final grades...
Shock. Joy. Amazement.
I managed to squeak out an A- for Chem and Calc, and a B for Eco/Evo! I still do not know how, but gladly accept it.


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Deathly Hallows Movie Part I in Review.

After a 3 year intermission, I reread Deathly Hallows by J. K. Rowling which is the final book in the Harry Potter series. Rowling's writing carries the reader to a different world; a world where hogwarts exists and a place where an evil dark wizard named Voldemort is trying to take over. Though the plot is fiction the relationships and the sense of the fight for everything good against everything bad rings true.

Recently the movie version came out for the first half of Deathly Hallows and I thoroughly enjoyed it, but was unsure as to how it matched up to the actual storyline of the book due to the nature of "The Half-Blood Prince" which was more like a loose interpretation of Rowling's masterpiece. However after having reread Deathly Hallows I can say with delight that the movie matches the book.

I believe the second part is coming out in July, so look for it in theaters!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Links to Current Events.

-pro-democracy protesters brutally put down in syria; many killed. U.S. takes economic action against some ties to Syria:

-small island kingdom of Bahrain accuses medical professionals of working against the government and a slew of other accusations for what appears to be 'unbiased care for protesters'.

-Funeral for son of Ghadafi in Tripoli.


Monday, May 2, 2011


The past couple weeks have been something of a lesson. A couple of mondays ago my iphone 3GS was stolen and then that friday someone rearended my car when i was at a stop sign. Now the trunk flies open when i hit a hard bump or am driving on the highway.

I think that the lesson is to not rely on myself and to realize to realize that I am not the one in control; God is. When we rely on ourselves, we become prideful and self-righteous and indignant when things don't go our way. This attitude creeps up on me at various times and this was an expensive self-check up.

It is another lesson in complaining. I can either choose to accept what has happened and move onward to the next step in fixing the situation, or I can choose to mope, complain and sit in the misery and despair of the situation. This has been a daily decision I have had to make recently, and I have not always chosen correctly but day by day I am learning to keep my focus on He who does not change and is always constant.

Oh, and I believe my ipod shuffle has been lost now as well. I think I would lose my head if it wasn't attached haha :D


Current Events and Thoughts.

There is so many things bombarding our society and world right now! I don't know whether it is my increased awareness of what is occurring in the world or whether it is a true increase, but it seems like things have been occurring at a greater rate than in the past. I hope to recount some of the major events for historical purposes so that I may remember the context in which I first thought about it (opinions etc.)

Last month (or there abouts)
-large seismic activity in pacific causing huge tsunamis and earthquakes in Japan. Many killed, huge devastation.

-(before japan earthquake) revolts in egypt. rebels rallied against mobarrack (spelling may be off) who was the long time leader and ally with the U.S. U.S. leader Obama turned on his ally saying that it was time for him to go and that he has lost his legitimacy as a leader. Military now operates as an interim government until democratic elections which will take place in up coming months. Some worry that there is not enough time for legititmate forms of government to campaign (e.g. the only groups who will be on top of things with campaigning are radical islamists). There has been increased violence against Christian groups in the region.

-(before revolution in egypt) revolt in tunisia (thought to have sparked the revolt in egypt). unclear as to the situation currently taking place there. Many refugees fled to islands off of italy. residents not too happy but situation promised to slowly improved with decreasing numbers of refugees present as they ship to northern european countries)

-(i think after revolution in egypt) revolution in libya. Rebels (who are unidentifiable and may be largely a part of extreme islamist groups) revolted against longtime leader Mommar Ghadafi (again spelling may be off) . U.S. had been allies with the libyan leader up to this point. Now leaders of NATO have turned against Ghadafi and seek to assasinate him to replace him and set up a more "democratic form of government". This is evident in the failed assasination attempt on Sunday or Saturday may 1, 2011 that resulted in the death of Ghadafi's youngest son, and at least 2 grand children. Though he and his wife were in the same house, they were uninjured in the assasination attempt. Despite the obvious, NATO claims that this was not an assasination attempt. Propaganda in the media against the Ghadafi regime has sparked some division and obvious leaks in the government (most likely out of fear of ending up on the wrong side once everything shakes down). The media would have it that he has lost his legitimacy as a leader. The question I ask is, what gives them the right to deal in the business of another country when the majority of the country supported the leader (corrupt or not) and a small sect rose up as muckrakers? It is my conclusion that those who have turned have turned on Ghadafi for fear of being on the losing side (as noted earlier). This is not a defense for any corruption in the libyan government that may or may not be present and is certainly not a defense for past crimes against humanity. However why pursue now? The U.S., in my opinion, is treading dangerous waters with shunning so many important arab allies and is soon at risk of losing its syrian and afghanistan allies as well.

-Osama bin Laden was taken down by navy seals late last night May 1, 2011 outside a military training compound in Pakistan. Pakistani officials claim that they did not know he was there but it looks suspicious due to the intense control of land of the military and the proximity of the compound that bin Laden was in to the military base which is the pakistani equivalent to "West Point". Afghan leader Kharzai says that since they have found and killed bin Laden, the reasons for continued U.S. presence in Afghanistan is dwindling (aka..get out of my country).

-Revolts occurring recently (within last couple of weeks) in Syria being violently put down. Same rhetoric in media as was present for libya. My guess is it will head the same direction with U.S. leaders saying that Syrian leader has lost 'legitimacy' and will then seek NATO's action against Syria to change who is in power.

-Tornadoes touched down last week wreaking havoc. Over 300 dead. Main damage in Alabama.

[please note that many statements related above are just my ignorant opinions of what I have pieced together with the intelligence I have received through various media outlets including CNN, BBC, and NPR.]