Saturday, October 24, 2009

A beautiful, dreary autumn day..

The light seeped through the five inches of space that I had left open the night before to allow for a breeze, but no breeze passed by, my window being on the lee side. I restlessly roll over slowing gaining consciousness to my surroundings. The strength of the light at my window indicates it is later, maybe, than I should normally wake on a saturday morn. Alas, all is well for I have always everything to get done but never reach an end; never see the light at the end of the tunnel. Rather, i see the hole darkening as the semester progresses and am loaded with increasingly more and more projects and homework and tests to study for and lessons to plan and a life to live on the side. The latter has almost been extinguished by the former, but I am today indulging the latter. The light slowly fades and the sky grows darker. Then that slight coolness that is felt when an autumn shower blows through passes my window and a slow, beautiful melodic constant stirs outside ever increasing, seemingly never to cease. How beautiful! the golden maples shine in the background with a rising humid mist about the mountain.

This day, once fresh, is now waning.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Living in the moment and Red Jello.

Living in the moment..

It seems our society widely promotes this concept which may be interpreted in radically different ways. On one hand one may interpret that statement as the need to appreciate each moment as it comes and to live each moment that we're blessed with to the fullest of our comprehension and capability.

Though I would prefer to live by this interpretation of the statement, I frequently find myself living by this concept, "Live life in the moment, don't worry about tomorrow, you don't have to finish your work now because there's always tomorrow, and enjoy yourself now in this moment."
This is a great problem, and requires immediate attention. Lately I have trying to find a greater sense of focus and discipline and have been successful on a greater number of occasions than previously. However, that's not to say that I have had entire success.

Today I struggle finding that focus to take on the plethora of homework and organization that awaits me. Am I the type B perfectionist who throws up their arms because they are unable to achieve pure perfection in all areas?

Or maybe, just possibly, I have developed a case of ADHD and so that red jello i had at lunch (with the red 40) was not beneficial nor profitable for sincere focus.

For now,