My training is going fairly well. Yesterday I ran my fastest treadmill 5k @22:23. The last 0.35 miles was a drag so I bumped my speed down a little. On a good day, I could definitely kill that time. My next goal is to run a sub 22:00 5k.
This saturday I'm running a 5k remains to be seen how tough the course is and whether or not I'll be able to eke out a sweet time. In reality though, it's all about the t-shirt!
Right now trying to keep my mileage at decent level without jacking it just yet. I want to wait until I get within 15 weeks of my race before jacking the mileage. I still need to get a better pair for longer distance. Right now I'm in love with my Brooks, but they are a light weight running shoe not meant for the wear-n-tear of longer distances.

Run On!

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