Thursday, July 8, 2010

tough stuff.

A couple of posts ago I noted the difficulty of formulatin goals to reach after. My difficulty now lies in the fulfillment of those goals I set. I must say, it is much more difficult when one works full time, but it is necessary because a number of my goals involve financial freedom from the student loan bondage I am currently under. I have slacked in giving cards on occasions promptly, and have not hung out with at least 5 friends a week, and have not practiced my violin, and have not been studying an hour a day. I have almost finished with "Jude the Obscure" by Thomas Hardy which is some sort of achievment. It is an alright book but I don't believe I will be spending much time with Hardy's literature in the future.
In conclusion, after reviewing my goals previously set, some do need revised and I need to work harder at fulfilling the ones that stand. I will not be returning to LU and hence clubs pertaining therein may be transferred to MU.
My reasons for leaving LU are as follows:
-first and foremost and primarily because the academic department of biology and chemistry still lacks the resources and rigorousness of curricula that will prepare me for graduate school if i should so choose to pursue such ventures.
-secondly, MU offers the rigorousness of curricula and further academic opportunities to gain experience in undergrad for a third of the cost of LU
-thirdly, if I choose to pursue a teaching career (as the case seems to be set) my pay will not be able to sustain the basic costs of living and the absurd payment I am sure to have to fork over (it is absurd as of now and I only pay interest on my private loan from this past year, but that interest payment would be doubled on top of other bills that I need to cover.) by the end of this year I would have to make interest payments of 240 a month to sallie mae on top of 120 to another company for a parent plus loan which I pay for myself, as well as 20 to my credit card co. which is just the minimum payment. In order to cover such exceedingly high costs, I would have to work like a fiend and then try to find time to study for a full schedule of 18credits with all of my core classes (o.chemII and upperlevel bio courses)

In conclusion, my choice has been made. I do not regret my time at LU in the least, in fact I am rather glad that I had the experience I did. I had my Liberty experience, it was just shorter than most.

Yesterday Germany lost to Spain 1-0 for the semifinals of the worldcup which is a big let down but the netherlands play uruguay today so we will see what happens! This being my day off, I can actually watch the game today! :)