Saturday, September 19, 2009

The First.

This is epic. My first blogpost!
I believe it was Julie and Julia which inspired me to consider blogging. I always perceived it to be unsecure somehow, however I have reconsidered such notions as insignificant.

Today the weather has simply been glorious. I started out the day with my favourite coffee (that being the french roast from starbucks, of course) listening to yo yo ma on pandora radio with a slight breeze rustling my blinds as it swirled through the window bringing in a gust of pre-autumn. Speaking of which (autumn that is), autumn is fast approaching! I do believe it will begin this monday! How remarkable time is. It is a thief of us all. The leaves here have begun the change which evidences itself in the breathtaking array of golds, oranges, and crimsons.

After my cup of coffee, there was a scramble (as there always is for me) to get out the door and arrive just in time for campus serve. What wonderful opportunities are provided to give back to the community! Afterwards I practically inhaled my food at the rot because I was so hungry.

Since then I have proclaimed that I have an arduous amount of homework to accomplish, and have yet to begin it. I must stop here, for my wash needs switched to the dryer.