Saturday, March 17, 2012

El fin de break.

So this is the end of break. The beginning of the week looked golden. Not a care, not a concern because spring break was ALL week. Who needs to worry about school work or research projects when there's all week to do them? Who cares about presentations on mondays following break when they are a whole week away? How naive, or maybe ignorant it may seem. Yes I fell into the all too common trap of the "tomorrow idealist". Who is the "tomorrow idealist" you may ask? That person will put hope into tomorrow (which is not necessarily a bad thing) to the point that they overestimate what can be accommplished within that 24 hour span known as tomorrow. All tomorrows eventually become "todays". When thought and talk are not translated to action with the occurrence of a tomorrow becoming a today, a mindset of false ideality occurs.

Most times I lapse into a full blown "tomorrow idealist" mentality over school breaks, but I must happily confess that I did not fully condescend to such a level on this particular occasion of spring break. I did not get everything done that I had hoped to get done, but I do set exceedingly high standards and goals for myself that are usually unattainable. I had wanted to clean the house top to bottom (including windows) and I wanted to get my garden up to par and clear out the dead undergrowth of the herbs, and I wanted to go through the growing stack of unsorted/unfiled papers that has been slowly accumulating on my dresser, book case, and random plastic bin in the depths of my closet for the past year, and I wanted to finish a novel or read a new book, but alas none of these I was able to accomplish.

On the upside, I studied physics yesterday until I thought my head would burst (either from the 48 oz. of starbucks coffee I consumed or the immense amount of information I deluged my brain with). Yesterday I studied physics for like 5 hours. That's the most consecutive time I have ever studied physics in one day! I had wanted to get ahead in studying, but at least I won't be behind on monday. I still really really really need to take a look at O chem! There is a test coming up in a week and a half and I have not cracked my book since before break! Excellence does not come without consequence. Order and understanding to not magically arise out of disorder and ignorance. Excellence is cultivated and nurtured. When it is fully mature it blossoms and flourishes with regular tender care.

Other than school work I've caught up with a few close friends and have relaxed my mind and body and indulged in some rigorous workouts at the gym and on the road. As this break comes to a close, I am reminded that time is all too fleeting and that each moment is precious. I need to use each moment more consciously to ensure my life does not fly by without my being conscious of its passing. I want to really live in each moment. I want to seize the moment, the hour, and the day. I want to always work towards being a better person and being a more responsible individual. My continued goal after this spring break has concluded tomorrow is to go head on full-force into the rest of the semester without holding back and without being lazy and accomplish what I know I am capable of. The only one holding me back is me. The only one capable of making me succeed is me. Either way, it boils down to what I do, not just what I say.

So in parting for now,
Carpe diem, friends.