Friday, July 20, 2012

New PR horizons and how UA compression saved my life.

It was the last week of Organic and I was feeling stressed and depressed from the overload and volume of what needed to be learned so I decided to do what I do, and go for a run. I ran a PR 5k on the treadmill and totally blew my next goal of a sub 22 5k out of the water with a 21:16! Needless to say I felt marginally better, to say the least.

O chem finished up last week and I have been kind of cruising it with my running and workout program because of being bombarded by people who have "the plague". I listened to my body, and my body was fatigued and needed a break, so I did just that. I cut my mileage and intensity of my workout program for a couple of weeks and yesterday I got back to the grind! In an O&B run ~3.75miles I decreased my time on the way back by about 2 minutes!

After my run I jogged back to where I had hidden my keys and gatorade to cool down and then to stretch. I was wearing a lovely pair of under armour compression shorts with an oversized Italia soccer shirt and didn't feel like stretching along the main line of the road due to ignorant and scary 60 year old creeps who throw cat calls after anything with two legs, so I decided to stretch behind the control box that controls the light signals. Little did I know, there was a yellow-jacket hive tucked underneath. I was stretching for a couple of minutes when I bent over to stretch my hamstrings and a searing and shocking pain went through my bum! Out of reaction, I hurled a few explicatives and hopped a few yards and a fellow runner stopped to make sure everything was ok. I explained that it felt like I had just been shocked, but upon further examination it appeared that I had been stung multiple times because I was stretching in front of a beehive!

I was standing there clutching my tush with the feeling one gets after touching a highly charged electric fence, and this bloke wanted to stand there and chat! Of all things! I am very good at reading people, and to be honest I was a bit unnerved by the 40 something chap..he could have been anybody, with any motive! I think I'm going to avoid the trail for a bit on the outside chance that he's a psychopath lol. I finally escaped the conversation by directing his attention to the forbidding storm clouds fast approaching and my probable need for antihistamines in the near future and hobbled away. The last 300 meters of the trail back to my car were some of the longest of my life. I am not allergic to bee stings or yellow jackets, but I have heard that you can become allergic even if you have not shown signs of being allergic in the past. I've also heard that for someone who may not go into cardiac arrest over one sting, several stings may have some effect. I was 150 meters in and paused to check my pulse. It was racing... I estimated it to be around 150-160 bpm. I took a quick swig of my strawberry gatorade to ease my dizziness in case of fainting and then plodded on. I finally made it back to my car, threw open my trunk, clumsily dug through my bag for my allergy pills. Upon finding it i threw it back and took a quick swig of my gatorade. I had made it and I was going to be ok.

It felt like I had received an electric shock to my bum, so upon examination and the large red welt that crossed my cheeks I thought it was just that. Later in the evening once the storm had passed and I could take a shower, I reexamined the area to find several red pea-sized dots...the site of none-other than multiple bee stings.

I credit Under Armour compression with possibly saving my life. If I had been wearing a loose fitting short, the bees could have flown up my shorts stinging me multiple times forcing me to violently tear off my shorts in an attempt to escape them which would have lead to extreme embarrassment for my part (being in the public sphere). As it was, some of the stingers were not able to penetrate fully and left a mild mark from the formic acid and the ones that did penetrate the tough material was not numerous enough to cause me to go into cardiac arrest.

I look back in humour and am privilleged to have a story to share about the dangers of stretching after one's run. :)

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